Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense Bloc leader Yuri Lutsenko calls the referendum on the Russian language status and NATO, initiated by the Party of Regions, an attempt to divert attention of public from the promises that they failed to fulfill.

According to the Bloc’s press-service, Yuri Lutsenko claimed this to a press conference in Vassylkov, commenting on the respecting intiative of the Party of Regions.

“This is the desire of the Party of Regions to divert attention of public from unfulfilled social undertakings. I believe that the referendum on these themes is extremely harmful”, he said.

According to Yuri Lutsenko, the Party of Regions deliberately imposes on the society the themes that divide it. “They again divide Ukraine into two banks – moskals [scornful nickname of Russians in Ukraine] and banderivtsi [scornful nickname of Ukrainians]”, the politician stressed.