In case of carrying out a presidential election, about one third of Ukrainians is ready to vote for Victor Yanukovych.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, these are the results of the sociological research carried out by the all-Ukraine Sociological Service, which were presented today at the news conference in Kyiv by general director of this service Mykola Myhalchenko.

Particularly, according to the data of the poll, some 27% of those polled are ready to vote for Victor Yanukovych, some 16.5% - for Yu.Tymoshenko, some 15.6% - for Victor Yushchenko, some 7.1% - for Petro Symonenko, some 6.5% - for Volodymyr Lytvyn, some 4.3% - for Oleksandr Moroz, some 3% - for Natalia Vitrenko, some 5.3% for other candidate, some 6.6% - against all, some 6.8% of those polled could not answer the question.

Asked what political idea is closer to them, respondents answered the following: social – democratic – some 36.8%, national-democratic – some 25%, communist – some 1.2%, liberal – some 10.5%, Christian- democratic – some 6.3%, and some 10% - could not answer the question.

The poll was carried from August 31 to September 7 in 16 regions of Ukraine. 2 thousand 482 respondents were polled by the random quote sample, taking into consideration the basic  social – demographic characteristics of the population of Ukraine, . The error margin makes up – no more than 2%.