Interior Minister Vassyl Tsushko, candidate to parliament from the Socialist Party of Ukraine, invites Yuri Lutsenko, Our Ukraine-People’s Self Defence Bloc leader and former head of the Interior Ministry, to take part in televised debates, and to answer to anumber of questions.

According to the press-service of the SPU, particularly, V. Tsushko hopes to receive an answer from Yu. Lutsenko to the question “concerning creating corruption schemes in the Interior Ministry system. Yuri Lutsenko is also expected to explain some documents, and tell about the fate of 1.62 billion hryvnas, which disappeared during the period of his tenure.

“After that, when Mr.Lutsenko will be able to answer on all these delicate for him issues, I am ready to debate on the topic of the anti corruption initiatives”, said V. Tsushko. However, according to his words, “the proposition on creating the National Anti-Corruption Bureau is more similar to creating revolutionary tribunals, having nothing in common with democracy”.

“I want to turn attention of Yuriy Lutsenko to the fact that the Anti Corruption Bureau – there are the most notorious figures of the political and corruption scandals in Poland and Latvia”, said V. Tsushko.