A bill to put the gay away

11:00, 19 April 2012
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Wile it is highly unlikely that the bill submitted by MP Vadym Kolesnychenko aimed against propaganda of homosexuality will pass, it has already become a modicum of advertising for the PoR and sexual minorities, Maryna Yakymova suggests in an article published this week by KW.

This is the second time lawmakers a trying to push through a bill against promoting homosexuality among teenagers below the age of consent. This time they are threatening offenders with heavy fines and even imprisonment.

Late March MP Vadym Kolesnychenko, PoR, registered a bill On Prohibition of Propaganda of Homosexuality with Children. Kolesnychenko suggests banning gay pride parades, meetings, lessons or any educational events containing any positive information about homosexuality. Violations are fraught with face a minimum fine of UAH 1,700 and legal entities will be fined as much as UAH 8,500.

For parading homosexual relations in front of people there will be a fine of approximately UAH 12,000. And that is not all. Those people who will be caught for the second time over 1 year will be arrested and be sentenced to prison for a minimum of least 3 years or a maximum of 5 years.

Leader of the National Union of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgenders Svyatoslav Sheremet sees only political subtext in Kolesnychenko’s points of view and actions. “I think Kolesnychenko, being a high-ranking official, can do everything possible to prevent Ukraine from becoming a part of a united Europe and migrate to the orbit of influence of some Eurasian unions,” says Sheremet. It is ironic that the public leader is a member of the Eurasian Coalition on Male Health. We talked in a small café and I caught myself thinking that if I saw him in the street I would never even think he could be gay. The only gay thing about him is his mannerisms and the way he pronounces the word “boyfriend”.

Sheremet says adoption of Kolesnychenko’s bill would stall European integration. As known, the EU demanded that Ukraine adopt a comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation to protect the gay and other vulnerable social groups should be protected.

“The bill in question is a figment of imagination of its author. You cannot touch or feel the propaganda of homosexuality. It is impossible to evaluate what is propaganda and what is not. Therefore, you cannot prohibit it,” Sheremet told KW.

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