The BYUT collected 3 million signatures for carrying out an all-Ukrainian referendum concerning a new edition of the Constitution.

      According to the press service of the BYUT, BYUT leader Yulia Tymoshenko said this today at the news conference in Uman city of the Cherkassy Oblast.

      “For today we have collected 3 million signatures as the article 72 foresees it concerning carrying out the all-Ukrainian referendum”, said the BYUT leader.

      She noted that, knowing, how captiously they will think about these signatures there was made a decision to continue work and to collect about 8 million signatures, “in order it will be persuasively that this referendum is necessary to carry our and that this referendum has to be the basis for the elaborating of new Constitution”.

      Yu. Tymoshenko underlined that the BYUT has all rights to pass 3 million signatures to the President of Ukraine, and the President, using the article 72 of Constitution of Ukraine, must pass an issue on carrying out an all-Ukrainian referendum.

      “We would like that this referendum to take place at the same time with snap parliamentary election, because there are changing in everything, because we differently come to the conception of the power organization in the country”, said the BYUT leader.

      Yu. Tymoshenko also said that she is not sure whether Ukrainian officials are ready to support this referendum because, according to her opinion, the issues of the all-Ukrainian referendum are incompatible with interests of high officials of the country.

      The BYUT leader noted once more that the referendum will be carried out obligatory, even if it is impossible to carry it out at the same time with snap parliamentary election – it will be carried out immediately after it.