From the first (of October – ed.) I will become an ordinary people’s deputy. My further status will be defined by the team. OU – PSD leader Yuri Lutsenko said this in an interview to Glavred, according to the Our Ukraine’s web site.

“I don’t deny that I have ambitions for I am an ambitious politician. It’s important for me to implement my convictions, my energy for realizing the policy I conduct. Today my main ambitions are to renew the law-enforcement system in the state and to cleanse the judicial department of the government. Until we provide one law for everyone I will not think of anything else”, - he pointed out.

Mr. Lutsenko also emphasized: “I hope I will be a prime minister. But, for everyone who is willing too, don`t worry – it’s not going to be in 2007. I would like to provide efficient work of the power block by reforming the legislative basis and changing officials