BYUT leader Yu. Tymoshenko claims that her political force will not strive for carrying out any snap presidential election, if, according to the results of the election to the Verkhovna Rada, the BYUT appears in opposition.

She said this on Sunday in the air of “Inter” television.

“No. We will not go for this variant”, said Yu. Tymoshenko.

She noted that President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko was elected through a nation-wide voting, which was fair and transparent. “And he (V. Yushchenko – UNIAN) has to finish his tenure as it is set out in the constitution” said the BYUT leader.

She also assured that her political force, in the case of their loss at the snap election to the Verkhovna Rada, will not insist on recognizing the results invalid. Yu. Tymoshenko explained that the aim of carrying out of the snap parliamentary election is to find a way out of the appeared crisis, but “not to start the second or the third circle of the political crisis”. “We can appeal against results at some polling stations, but we will submit to the people`s choice”, said Yu. Tymoshenko.