The Party of Regions collected 3 million signatures for carrying out an all-Ukrainian referendum.

      According to the press service of the Party, the signatures of citizens of Ukraine from all the Oblasts, regions, big and small settlements of the state, for the initiated by “regionals” referendum, were passed to the Central Electoral Headquarters of the Party of Regions today. After careful calculations and verification of the signatures, it was established that their number is nearing 3 millions.

      Organizers made decision that the 3 million first signature will be put at the place, where the initiative of the Party of Regions was publicized at first time, at Maydan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv.

      As it is said in information, this token event attracted attention of not only many adherents of the Party of Regions, mass media representatives, but also ordinary Kyiv citizens.

      At the rally, which was dedicated to this event, parliament members, members of the parliamentary fraction of the Party of Regions Yuriy Myroshnychenko, Myhaylo Chechetov and Vadym Kolesnichenko delivered a speech.