The BYUT is waging the most effective election campaigning in Kyiv. These are the results of an experts poll, carried out by “Sociopolis” public organization on the order of the Situations Modelling Agency, publicized at a news conference in UNIAN today.

According to the poll, some 73% of the polled experts think the BYUT campaigning in Kyiv is the most effective. Some 50% of experts give the second place to the Party of Regions and some 33% put the Our Ukraine – People’s Self-Defence Bloc on the third place.

Besides, according to their opinion, the election campaign of the Lytvyn’s Bloc is also effective enough (some 13%).

At the same time, some experts expressed an opinion that the election campaigning of no parties is effective in Kyiv (some 11%).

The poll was carried out from 13 to 18 of September among 32 competent political scientists, sociologists and journalists were polled.