Ex-Prime Minister of Great Britain (1979-1990) Margaret Thatcher and BYuT front-runner Yulia Tymoshenko met in London yesterday. They discussed the current Ukrainian problems and preparing the country to the upcoming election.

According to the BYuT press-service, M.Thatcher shared her electoral experience and wished success to Yulia Tymoshenko and her political force at the election. “I know that the last ten days of the campaign are the hardest ten days”, she stressed.

M.Thatcher presented the BYuT leader her book of memories with an inscription “To Yulia, who fought for the freedom of her country so passionately and devotedly”.

The British ex-Prime Minister noted: “Despite all troubles and political treasons, I always went straight forth to my aim, which I believed to be right. You do the same”.

Besides, M.Thatcher stressed she is ready to arrive in Kyiv to “help Yulia defend the Ukrainian independence”.

After the meeting, Yulia Tymoshenko told journalists she was impressed by this woman, called an “iron lady” by everybody. “One cannot imagine the political history of the XX century without such a person as Margaret Thatcher”, she said.