Rebecca Harms and Werner Schulz, German Deputies of the European Parliament, along with 50 activists that attended yesterday’s Euro-2012 match between Germany and Holland brought with them to the stadium posters saying "Release all political prisoners" and "Fair play in football and politics", according to Official web site of Yulia Tymoshenko.

"We see our poster campaign as an appeal to all democrats to support us," the Ukrainian publication "Tyzhden" quoted Rebecca Harms as saying, referring to a Dapd agency report.

"We want to support people that helped bring the European championship to Ukraine and now are in prison while others are basking in the glory of the championship. President Viktor Yanukovych offered dirty deals by which he would release Tymoshenko if Ukraine is given a chance for EU membership. They would thus make Tymoshenko a hostage," added Werner Schulz.