An Our Ukraine – People’s Self Defence Bloc leader Mykola Katerynchuk assures that the next parliament will be elected only for three-years period. He said this late in the evening at a Bloc`s rally at the Korolyov Square in Zhytomyr.

“We propose to change, to curtail the period, when you elect, and when we report to you, when you estimate, and when the promises are fulfilled. That is why we give three years to the future parliament. The parliament will be elected every three years and every three years you will estimate the activity of all politicians”, said M. Katerynchuk.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, at the same time, he noted that introducing this system is pressing for Ukraine. “In such a way, we will launch the electoral norms, which you expect and which are so necessary for our society”, he added.

M. Katerynchuk also noted that on September 30, during the election, Ukrainians for one day will become the power, which will decide how to rebuild Ukraine and in what political direction.

The politician also called on rally’s participants to get rid of thoughts that noting will change after the election in the country, and said that after September 30 “Ukraine will start the movement towards the European Union”.