The Party of Regions may organize protest actions after the snap poll to press its political opponents.

Global Strategies Institute director Vadym Karasyov disclosed this to UNIAN.

According to him, the statement of Party of Regions front-runner Victor Yanukovych that the party will organize protest actions in case if the results of the snap poll are falsified, is a hidden warning for its opponents “not to touch its hidden channels and voting schemes in the Oblasts, which are totally influenced by this political force”.

Besides, V.Karasyov surmises that such statements are aimed at increasing the field for maneuvers after the election, especially in case of an unfavorable result for the Party of Regions.

The expert forecasts that the calculation of votes will be really hard. “Considering that the Central Electoral Commission is a political body, protest actions are one of the instruments of political pressure under conditions of the post-voting uncertainty and turmoil”, V.Karasyov stressed.

He does not rule out that the Party of Regions and CPU may receive the majority, but they do not have any guarantees that the President will propose namely the candidacy of Victor Yanukovych for the post of the next Prime Minister.

“It is a means of pressure upon the President as well. If the Party of Regions and CPU receive a majority, the protest actions will be held to press the President to propose a candidacy for the post of the Prime Minister”, V.Karasyov pointed out.