Lutsenko calls on Kyiv residents to support his Bloc

17:31, 25 September 2007
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At the election on 30 September - statement

“We elected the Verkhovna Rada in March 2006. Despite of war between the BYuT and the OU, mistakes of ‘orange’ teams, despite of people’s disappointment, Ukraine elected Maidan participants then”, reads the statement of Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense Bloc front-runner Yuri Lutsenko, posted at the Our Ukraine’s web site.

The statement reads as follows:

Only because of Mr. Moroz’s treachery and Mr. Symonenko’s timeserving Mr. Yanukovych who’s party received less than 30% voices had revanche.

Communist-oligarchic government never thought of improving our life. It turned out that the slogan had to do only with R. Akhmetov. According to income statement his annual income was another 800 billion in 2006. Food prices increase, enormous leap of communal tariffs, freezed income of people, corruption flourishing and solidarity of the ones in office – these are the main achievements of the present government.

The policy is especially perceptible in Kyiv. Chernovetskyi’s team demonstrate enormous appetites during open sharing out of land, property and money of the capita’s society. Kyivenerhokholdynh company and bank Khreshchatyk are not enough for them. They are preparing to privatize Kyivmiskbud company, Andriivskyi Uzviz street and protected islands in Dnipro.

That couldn’t last until 2011. The PSD was formed in January 2007 as a union of active people who didn’t want to bare neo-communist revanche. It called upon people to change the government.

I have spent 8 months among people all over Ukraine, my car has run over 50 000 km. I have spoken at 270 rallies both in –220C of Volyn region and +450C of Kirovohrad region. I tried to persuade that we have to change the government, which doesn’t redeem its pre-election promises. Strong support of changes that reached its highest point at the 200-th rally in Kyiv allowed the President Yushchenko to sign the Decree on the VR dismissal and allowed us to change the parliament.

We, politicians, did everything you demanded from us. We finished confrontation between democratic forces having united nine parties in the only bloc and renewed its leaders. Together we have made the early elections a reality. Now everything depends on your choice.

Frankly speaking – I’m asking for your support. I have never done that before for I acted on my own basing on my views. Now I lead on of the three political forces that will enter the new Ukrainian parliament. I ask for your support not for myself personally, I do that to solve the main problems of Ukrainian capital in the parliament.

1. All of us have understood that there will be “no milk from a bull” even if it’s a mayor or a prime minister. I ask for support to deprive Yanukovych’s government and to adopt resolutions to re-elect the capital’s mayor.

2. Only a firm struggle against mafia can change life in Ukraine for good. 2000 criminal cases against high officials initiated by me now are sabotaged in the Prosecutor-General’s Office. Bandits are not in jails for the Prosecutor General was and is a deputy of the PoR (Mr. Piskun has been at the post for three terms). I ask for support to adopt a package of anti-corruption laws and to change leaders of the Interior Ministry and the Prosecutor-General’s Office. We are also planning radical cleansing of courts.

3. We will adopt key laws, necessary for the Kyivites. The law on Kyiv borders’ expansion will allow building of affordable housing without destroying green and historical places of the capital. Law on the order of tariffs counting on the basis of Ukrainian gas that is 7 times cheaper will allow radically decrease communal tariffs.

Law on municipal capital’s police will allow concentrating on problems of the Kyivites’ safety.

You know me for a long time. You know my mistakes and achievements. You know the dirt poured on my head by the media bought by Mr. Yanukovych and Mr. Chernovetskyi. I won the cases against them and I’m proud of having such enemies. Despite of everything I will not change my character and my beliefs.

Sept 30 is the day when the state’s destiny and the capital’s destiny will be in your hands, as well as my destiny.

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