17 October 2017
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President outlines tasks for new cabinet

To preserve national unity, redraft next year’s budget...

President Victor Yushchenko wants Ukraine’s new democratic government to preserve national unity, redraft next year’s budget and introduce economic and social reforms, according to the President`s press-office.

“To my mind, it has always been the function of any government to propose a national action plan, especially a plan of economic and social changes,” he said during a regional teleconference in Sumy on Tuesday and added that the country “has lost many opportunities” over the past year and a half because the cabinet had “no clear plan of economic actions.”

“Preserving the nation`s unity is what I would make the government’s main role, task and mission,” he said.

Yushchenko urged the country`s next government to battle corruption and develop healthcare and education, calling these steps a “quintessence”  of its performance.

He then described the Yanukovych cabinet’s budget deficit estimates as unacceptable and insisted that the country’s budget deficit must not be higher than 2% of GDP. He pledged to “teach the government to stop taking such extravagant loans."  

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