The Socialist Party of Ukraine, regardless of results of the snap parliamentary election, will sue it in court.

SPU leader, Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the 5th convocation, Oleksandr Moroz said this yesterday in Bila Tzerkva city.

“We will turn to courts. It is necessary, considering the number of violations, which were committed at the previous election and are committed now”, Kommersant – Ukraine newspaper quotes O.Moroz as saying.

In his turn, socialist Vassyl Sylchenko expressed the same opinion to the newspaper: “Regardless of the results, that the Party will receive at the election, all the facts concerning infringements will be submitted to court”.

Asked why the SPU will sue the election outcome, if representatives of the Party are sure that they will enter the parliament, V. Sylchenko answered: “Our society is not ready for waging election campaigns, and, in our opinion, it will increase the crisis in the society”.