BYuT leader Yulia Tymoshenko says that in case of creating a democratic coalition in the new parliament, they will propose a joint candidate for the post of the President of Ukraine at next presidential election.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, she said this to a news conference in Lviv today.

At the same time, Yu.Tymoshenko proposed journalists to ask Victor Yushchenko (who will visit Lviv today) if he guaranties the creation of a democratic coalition after the election.

Yu.Tymoshenko also noted that the post of the Prime Minister is not her goal at the election. “My aim is to build a strong independent democratic Ukraine, and power is only an instrument, by means of which it can be done”, noted Yu.Tymoshenko.

She also disclosed what she would do at the last day before the election: “September 29 will be the happiest day of the electoral campaign. I think that I will sleep for the whole day, because I have an extremely strong team and I know that it will protect the people’s choice at polling stations”.

Yu.Tymoshenko expressed confidence that the BYUT will receive by 7-10% more votes at the upcoming election than it received at the election in 2006, and the Party of Regions will receive by 7-10% less votes than it received at  the previous election.