President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovych does not rule out carrying out of early parliamentary elections.

The press service of the President disclosed to UNIAN that he said this at the meeting with leadership of the parliament and leaders of the parliamentary factions.

“First of all I invited you here in order to discuss a crisis situation in the parliament and what we will do in this case”, - said the President of Ukraine at the beginning of the meeting.

“I believe that we should do our best in order the parliament may work in the future. It is necessary to finish this session, and undoubtedly, to start session in September this year. It is our main task”, - underlined the head of the state.

V. Yanukovych did not rule out that it case if it does not work to stabilize work of the parliament, “it will be necessary to go over to procedure of early parliamentary elections”.

“But I believe that before this procedure we should exhaust all our possibilities. We should hold negotiations in factions among lawmakers, and without any hesitation, it is necessary to carry out negotiations with leaders of the oppositional factions and Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada”, - said this President of Ukraine.

‘I have never interfered and I do not interfere in work of the Verkhovna Rada”, - said the President. “But I am interested in stability of the situation in the country in whole. That is why I do not want to draw any preliminary conclusions concerning adoption procedure of the law on principles of state language policy yesterday”, - noted V. Yanukovych.

According to the words of the President of Ukraine, undoubtedly he will study this situation and make an examination of the law.