The hosting of the 2012 European Football Championships will help Ukraine to open its tourism potential to 100%, as our country has everything necessary for this - a rich history, enchanting outdoors, place for relaxation in the highest comfort, and the continental championship has helped Ukraine to open itself to the world, according to Information Centre Ukraine-2012.

The famous American TV channel CNN has expressed this conviction in a series of programmes about Ukraine called «Eye on Ukraine», that ran on American television after the end of Euro-2012. The aim of the project was to explain how the tournament has changed Ukraine. 

"Ukraine surprised guests of the European Championship. The tournament changed the image of Ukraine in the world and certainly made the country interesting for tourists", the CNN journalist Max Foster says. He noted that one of the most attractive places for tourists in Ukraine is capital Kyiv. "You can come to Kyiv and be convinced that it is a very green city with ancient cathedrals", he stressed. 

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According to journalists at CNN, the other major tourist destinations of our country include Yalta, Sevastopol, Odessa, Balaklava and the Carpathians.