Successful holding of EURO-2012 proved that Ukraine is capable of realizing large-scale system projects, according to Press office of President Viktor Yanukovych.

It was stated by the President in the course of informal meeting with the Club of chief editors of CIS, Baltic states and Georgia. The meeting took place at Yusupov Palace in Crimea.

The President noted that the current government has managed to overcome significant gap in the schedule of preparation for EURO-2012 in an unprecedented short time and realize all steps necessary for its successful holding.

Viktor Yanukovych also reminded that more than 5 billion dollars were invested in the building of infrastructure objects, that airports with modern landing strips and terminals as well as more than 2500 km of highways and around 3000 km of roads were built and reconstructed.

The President also noted that during EURO-2012 more than 2 million fans visited Ukraine, of which 700 thousand watched football matches on the stadium. He said that UEFA President Michel Platini called EURO-2012 one of the best events in the history of European tournaments. “The level of coordination between Ukraine and Poland and between different agencies was also unprecedented. We’ve managed to realize almost all common events that we had planned,” the President noted.