Ukrainian President’s representative to the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Volodymyr Khomenko did not find himself on the lists of voters for the upcoming election.

      According to an UNIAN correspondent, V.Khomenko claimed this to journalists in Symferopol today.

      According to V.Khomenko, he has been living at Promyshlennaya street for 9 years already, and during this period he did not change his registration and did not resettle anywhere. However, when he came at the polling station, he appeared that his apartment was absent in the lists of voters. “I was forced to write an application for they include me into lists”, the Crimean representative of the President claimed.

      Besides, according to V.Khomenko, the apartment of Serhiy Vasylenko, chief of the Crimean electoral headquarters of Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense Bloc, was not included into the voters lists as well.