Maryna Stavniychuk, President Victor Yushchenko deputy chief of staff and representative to the Central Election Commission and the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, held a press briefing on Friday, according to the President`s press-office.

      Stavniychuk accused those representing the governing coalition in the Central Election Commission of partiality and said they often passed controversial decisions which are inconsistent with the country’s parliamentary election law. “To my mind, this has a negative impact on the election process,” she said.

      Stavniychuk reminded reporters these eight members had refused to register BYuT for the September 30 election and cancelled the registration of PORA as member of the Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense bloc, and therefore she doubts the Central Election Commission will be able to work effectively this Sunday. She said there were “lots of signals” from regional and district commissions that it is “very difficult” to work with the Central Election Commission. “The commission pays no attention to problems raised at local level,” she said, describing mistakes in this year’s voter rolls as the biggest problem.

      Stavniychuk said the president had no doubt the parliamentary election would be free, honest and transparent. Yushchenko believes the poll will help the citizens realize that “each voter’s vote has the right to determine the quality of government in the country,” she added.