For the government Internet censorship is not a priority issue. “We did not feel any attention of the government to the issue of Internet,” Director of Google Ukraine Dmytro Sholomko told proIT, according to KW.

From July to December 2011 more than 10 inquiries were made to Google Ukraine regarding the deleting of content pursuant to court resolutions.

Sholomko doubted that events may develop along the Russian scenario where a law was passed stipulating censorship of the Internet and the shutting down of sites with “indecent” content: “Should God forbid such a trend reach Ukraine, then we will comment on the situation when specific laws are passed in the sphere of the Internet.

“At the moment, such laws are only in the process of being drafted and could be amended at the stage of submission for review by the legislators more than once,” Sholomko went on.

He believes that controlling access to detrimental content in the Internet must be done intelligently. This should not be a one-sided initiative of the government, rather dialog between the government and companies that work in this sphere. “Neither side should suffer from this because in the end we will end up in the situation that China is currently mired in,” Sholomko said in conclusion.