20 August 2017
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President promises to accept any poll result

If it is legal and fair

President Victor Yushchenko has said he will accept any “legal and fair” result of today’s parliamentary election, according to the President`s press-office.

He said its outcome would demonstrate the nation’s trust in politicians, describing the ballot as an “examination for those political forces which have always liked falsification.” The president hopes all political forces and election commissions know they are responsible for ensuring the election is fair. “I think today is a transparency and democracy examination for the prime minister, for the district commissions in Donetsk, Lugansk, Crimea, Kharkiv and some other territories.” 

Yushchenko expressed confidence the vote would put an end to the “conflict that broke out eight months ago in Ukraine’s parliament.” “This is what the entire nation is waiting for from those political forces which are taking part in the election today.”

He said he knew it was difficult to relinquish power but expressed hopes every politician “will have the courage for that.” “There will be no amnesty and there will be no paid Maidan,” he said. 

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