National Exit-Poll’2007 consortium organizers claim about incidents at some polling stations, which hampered carrying out the exit poll.

Democratic Initiatives chief Ilko Kucheriv, who is the participant of the poll, claimed to a press conference in UNIAN that, in particular, the exit poll was interrupted by members of the electoral commission at the 139th polling station in the 1st voting region in Symferopol at 9.20 a.m. The commission participants accused interviewers of carrying out illegal political campaigning, and seized the box with questionnaires.

Despite the fact that interviewers produced documents about their accreditation as journalists of the Committee of Voters’ newspaper “Tochka Zoru”, this did not help to solve the conflict.

The second violation was recorded at the 27th polling station of the 8th electoral district in Nova Katerynivka village of the Krasnogvardeyskiy district (Crimea). In particular, the electoral commission chief asked the interviewers to leave the polling station.

“The information about these violations will be passed to international observers and Ukrainian journalists”, Ilko Kucheriv said.

He added that the exit-poll began simultaneously at 300 polling stations. Nearly 850 people were involved in carrying out the exit-poll. It is planned to question nearly 20 thousand people.