Over 20 000 doubles discovered in Republic of Crimea

19:27, 30 September 2007
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In addition to a big number of other mistakes in electoral lists

Over 20 000 doubles in electoral lists were discovered in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea. Chairman of the Crimean OU – PSD Bloc’s headquarters Serhij Vasylenko said this during phone conversation, according to the Our Ukraine’s web site.

According to him, there is big number of mistakes in electors lists, in particular, wrong names or registration etc. “We have passed this information to the Prosecutor’s Office of Crimea”, - Mr. Vasylenko stressed.

He told that lots of people, who didn’t find their names in the lists, went to the Bloc’s headquarters asking for help. “They are writing applications now. They haven’t written it before because they were sure that their names were in the lists”, - chairman of Crimea headquarters stated.

At the same time, he mentioned that he had not found himself in electors lists. “I did not find neither me, nor people from my house in the lists. As if we live in a ghost-house”, - Mr. Vasylenko said.

According to him, “all of us had to write applications and only after that we could vote”.

The chairman of the Crimean OU-PSD headquarters noticed that there were no missing people at the previous election.

Mr. Vasylenko also said that only 20,5% of electors voted by 3p.m. and expressed hope that the number will increase in the evening.

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