19 September 2017
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Party of Regions states about mass violations at election at Sumy Oblast

The main problem is inactivity of the local powers, they say

Chairman of the electoral headquarters of the Party of Regions in the Sumy Oblast Andriy Pinchuk states about mass violations at the election in the oblast. He said this during the news conference in “Sumy choice-2007” independents public press center.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, A. Pinchuk said that the main problem is inactivity of the local powers in election preparation.

He said about the concrete facts, recorded at the polling stations on the territory of the Sumy Oblast. Particularly, according to information of the Party of Regions, at the TED № 158 (Sumy city) at the polling station № 26 people, who did not reach 18 age were included into the election lists. At the polling station №69, where 640 people are included into the election lists, in the presence there are only 540 ballot papers. There is also lack of ballot papers at the polling station №28 (2692 ballot papers for 2749 voters) and at the polling station №23 (3008 ballot papers for 3078 voters).

Moreover, he noted that the fact of violation of voting secret was recorded at the polling station №112 – the transparent polling booths were established there.

A. Pinchuk said that at the TED №164 at the polling station №71 in Yampol city, House for Aged residents, who can not move by themselves, were not included to the election lists. At the TED № 159 in Belopoliye city an observer from the Party of Regions was not allowed to the polling station.

“According to the Law on Election, this violation may be the cause for declaring the results of election invalid”, noted A. Pinchuk.

According to the words of A. Pinchuk, agitation posters were found at the TED № 160 (Gluhov city) and this is violation of law in the part concerning the agitation at the election day.

A. Pinchuk also said that the surnames of dead people are included into the election lists.

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