BYuT headquarters chief Oleksander Turchynov believes that the publicized data of the exit-polls do not allow to outline the format of the future coalition at present.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, he claimed this to a press conference today, commenting on the first results of exit-polls.

“Those figures of exit-polls, which were publicized, do not allow to model the parliamentary majority”, O.Turchynov said.

He noted that the difference between the two possible coalitions may be at the level of 1-2 mandates. “It is a very critical situation”, O.Turchynov said.

He also stressed that, by the data, received by BYuT, BYuT and the Party of Regions receive almost equal support of electors at the level of 33-34%.

Besides, according to O.Turchynov, of course, by results of exit-polls, oppositional forces receive less percents than in reality. The BYuT believes that Ukrainian voters were afraid to disclose for who they voted.