“The Our Ukraine bloc has not discussed a possible candidature for the post of the Rada’s speaker yet – the head of the Information department of the Our Ukraine bloc said in her interview to the Glavred agency, according to the Our Ukraine press-office.

“We have a clear definition of a political procedure of decision-making at the party Council and the political council of the bloc. Three candidatures for the speaker’s post are being discussed in party circles.” – T. Mokridi noted.

“The Our Ukraine bloc has occupied the second place at the parliamentary elections and can bid for the speaker’s post” – Ms Mokridi explained.

“The point is the coalition will be formed and the coalition agreement is almost written. We used to declare from the very beginning that the programme and the procedure were more important than distribution of spheres of responsibility. A coalition is first and foremost a team that is capable to bear responsibility for realization of a plan of the country’s development. The roles can be distributed when there is a plan and there is a team” – T. Mokridi said.