The Central Electoral Commission has processed more than 50% of protocols district electoral commissions, according to which the BYUT keeps leading.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, as for 10.30 am 51.19% of protocols are processed. 33.19% of electors voted for the BYUT, 30.83% - for the Party of Regions, 15.45% - for the Our Ukraine – People’s Self Defence, 5.10% - for the Communist Party of Ukraine, 4.16% - for the Lytvyn’s Bloc, 3.18% - for the Socialist Party of Ukraine, 1.06% - for the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine, 0.72% - for the all-Ukrainian union Svoboda, 0.37% for the Ludmyla Suprun’s Bloc and 0.35% - for the Green party of Ukraine.

2.59% did not support any of bloc (party).