“Opora” civil net did not find any considerable violations at the election in Ukraine, and recommends the political forces to recognize the results of the parliamentary election.

Leader of the electoral programs of “Opora” civil net Oleksandr Lomako said this today at a news conference in UNIAN.

According to his words, as for now there are no facts, which would give the grounds to speak about the falsification of election. The “Opora” observers found out insignificant facts of violations, which did not influence the outcome of will and did not give advantages to any of the political force.

O. Lomako noted that the main problems at the day of voting were law quality of election lists, low level of preparation of election commission members, their politicized work and free legislation interpretation, which became the reason of the procedure’s violations and counting of votes delay. According to the words of the expert, these problems had a general character and in any case did not give advantages for any of the political forces.

According to the observers of “Opora”, the quantity of electors, who came to the polling stations and did not find themselves in the election lists do not exceed 500 thousand people.

Moreover, O. Lomako noted that the law enforcement agencies coped with its duties well at the day of election.