17 August 2017
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Party of Regions waiting for order of President

To begin creating a coalition

Party of Regions leader Raisa Bohatyryova expects that President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko will charge the Party of Regions, as the winner of the election, with carrying out talks on creating the parliamentary coalition.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, R.Bohatyryova claimed this today to a press conference in the Party of Regions HQ.

“As soon as the election outcome is announced, the talks will begin. Despite we do not have any direct norm, stipulating that the winner begins talks on creating the coalition, there is a world tradition, when the President charges the winner party with carrying out the talks. I’m convinced that, basing on the election outcome, the President will charge namely the Party of Regions with carrying out the talks”, R.Bohatyryova said.

In her opinion, the Party of Regions’ rival in the electoral process “began to celebrate their victory too early, on the basis of exit-polls”. “Exit-polls results indicated once again that there is a tough competitiveness between political forces, but exit-polls are not the outcome of the election”, she added.

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