Yanukovych confident Party of Regions to form government on results of election

18:15, 01 October 2007
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Yanukovych spoke at a rally

Party of Regions front-runner Victor Yanukovych is confident that his party will form the government on the results of the election. He claimed this, speaking at Maydan Nezalezhnosti in Kyiv today.

“Those political forces, which set themselves a task to win at any price, and were interested, first of all, in the issue of distributing positions, I believe, these political forces will remain all alone”, he said.

Victor Yanukovych congratulated rally participants on the party’s victory at the election. He claimed that the Party of Regions won the election, and is ready to defend the election results.

“We have won, and I believe that we will again form the government”, he said, adding that they will form a Coalition of National Unity, headed by the Party of Regions. “By all the international norms, the Party of Regions has a right to form the coalition and the government”, he stressed.

Victor Yanukovych underscored the necessity of uniting the country. According to him, this is necessary for the country to develop. He also spoke against repeat elections in Ukraine: “I’m tired of elections. Politicians must not look for enemies in each other.

They must learn to understand each other”, Victor Yanukovych said. According to him, the regular election must take place in no less than 5 years.

He also vowed that the government will be formed of professionals, who will develop the country. “We will fulfill everything we planned in our program”, he said. At the same time, he pointed out, that for the first time, the election was won by the party which had formed the government.

Victor Yanukovych stated that the number of Party of Regions’ adherents has been increasing in the country. Speaking about the year of his tenure as Prime Minister, Victor Yanukovych noted that the government could have done much more, but, unfortunately, “they were hampered to do that”.

“But, after the election took place, we must get together and look into the eyes of each other – the Ukrainian nation and the parties – and say that our aim is the growth of economics and people’s welfare”, Victor Yanukovych is convinced.

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