18 August 2017
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Socialist Party believes Lytvyn to join the orange

It will be a yellow-orange coalition, he said

Socialist Party of Ukraine representative Stanislav Nikolayenko believes that the Lytvyn’s Bloc will probably join the democratic coalition rather than the coalition of the Party of Regions, SPU, and CPU.

According to the SPU press-service, S.Nikolayenko noted that the Bloc of Yulia Tymoshenko and OU-PSD may receive the majority in the parliament only if it is supported by the Lytvyn’s Bloc. “But it will be not orange, but yellow-orange coalition”, he said.

S.Nikolayenko noted that he has no information from the Lytvyn’s HQ, but “by 60% I may say that he will unite with BYuT and OU-PSD, and by 40% - with the Party of Regions, SPU, and CPU”.

S.Nikolayenko stressed that when they receive the final results of counting the votes, it will become clear that the first place will be occupied by the Party of Regions.

S.Nikolayenko also does not rule out that the new coalition will include the Party of Regions, SPU, CPU, and the Lytvyn’s Bloc.

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