Orange forces representatives, together with Georgian observers, are carrying out a purposeful work to achieve revising the voting results in 40th electoral district (Donetsk city). Donetsk Oblast Party of Regions’ press-service claimed this in a statement.

In the opinion of Party of Regions, “they were fighting to reduce at least somehow the percent of votes given for the Party of Regions”.

Видео дня

The statement reads that 40 Georgian observers gathered at the 36th polling station of #40 electoral district. They demanded either to recount the votes or to declare the election invalid. “They began to threaten commission members with different periods of imprisonment – from 4 to 12 years!”, the statement stresses.

The Party of Regions believes that the observers intimidated the commission members, as a result of which the session lasted for 30 hours. “People even could not go to WC, they were allowed to go there only under escort of the observers”, the statement reads.

At last, the protocol was signed and sent to the district electoral commission.