Yushchenko welcomes choice of Ukrainian nation – statement

18:04, 03 October 2007
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The President made an unexpected statement

“Votes cast in Ukraine’s snap parliamentary election have almost been counted. Of course, it will be possible to assess the election only after all the ballots have been counted. However, today we can speak about its interim results”, President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko claimed in his statement to nation in Kyiv today. He stressed that, according to preliminary assessments, particularly by foreign observers, the September 30 poll in Ukraine was held mostly in accordance with the obligations assumed before the OSCE and the Council of Europe and other standards of democratic elections.

“I am convinced that democracy has won. Ukraine has won. I welcome the choice made by the Ukrainian people. I am conscious that the results of this election reflect their opinions and moods”, he said. 

Victor Yushchenko stressed: “We have no right to waste even one hour.  I expect the Party of Regions, BYuT, Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense and the Lytvyn Bloc to demonstrate political wisdom and take steps aimed at consolidating Ukraine around national priorities”. According to him, the political forces in the newly elected parliament must formulate a model of cooperation between the government and opposition on the basis of their common Ukrainian agenda. He outlined the following priorities for the coalition that will soon be formed:

adopt an economic program of the country’s development,  stop price hikes and equalize and optimize the incomes of the citizens through market means. A new government should:

- demonstrate new quality of social policy in the country;

- cancel legislative immunity and privileges;

- draft and adopt next year’s state budget and include the Ukrainian president’s social initiatives in it.  “I will not consider a budget in which the money from the abolishment of the privileges will not be used to increase social benefits”, the President said;

- pass a package of anti-corruption bills and establish a national anti-corruption bureau. I stress that there will be one law for all;

- ensure the country’s energy security.

“I would also like to remind you that the detonator of the political crisis was 2004 political reform”, the President said, adding that it will be difficult to preserve political stability without reforming the constitution, and so the year 2008 should be devoted to new constitutional process aimed at revising the constitution.

Victor Yushchenko noted that 99.25% of the ballots have been counted so far. Five political forces have entered the parliament: the Party of Regions, BYuT, Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense, the Lytvyn Bloc and the Communists. “I have held political consultations with the political winners over the past two days and today I commission the Party of Regions, BYuT, Our Ukraine-People’s Self-Defense and the other winners to start preliminary political consultations to form a majority in Ukraine’s parliament and form a Ukrainian government”, he said, adding: “I would like to emphasize that the Party of Regions, BYuT and Our Ukraine have garnered the support of 80% of voters over the past year and a half”. According to him, this shows the exceptional responsibility these three political forces bear for stabilizing the political situation in Ukraine’s parliament, the fundamental rules to form a majority and a government on its basis and the principles of relations between the government and opposition.

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