At today’s press conference in Kyiv, Victor Yushchenko predicted that ‘orange’ parties would clinch a deal on a coalition government within days. He urged the nation to be patient, according to the President’s press-office.

"The final stage of coalition negotiations is going on right now,” he said. The President added that “Ukraine has never witnessed such a political dialogue” but insisted that political rules "cannot be inconsistent with the Constitution."

“Other mechanisms must not contradict laws and norms, including the January 1 constitutional changes. The Verkhovna Rada is responsible  for forming a coalition  in a prescribed term. I am convinced our government will be created by June 26 and even much earlier.”

When asked to comment on the text of a coalition agreement, the President characterized it as unprecedented.

“It does not have many declarations,” he admitted and then added that this 100-page agreement “will help tackle the most topical issues which disunite us.”

Then he said it outlined reforms in many areas: “If we do not want to face challenges of the past, we must immediately introduce reforms.” 

Mr. Yushchenko believes it is vital to reform the legal system first: “The judicial concept we have now throws us far away from fair justice.”

He is also convinced Ukraine needs to actively fight corruption, “our problem number one.” There are many other important issues in the agreement.

“We have managed to compromise ideologically. There are few unsettled issues but they will be settled,” he promised.

The Head of State said he was scheduled to meet with the negotiators today. He  said they would probably need another stage of negotiations to choose prime minister.

“These negotiations must be held in accordance with poll results and the Constitution,” he said, assuring those present that “the coalition is being formed so that Ukrainians should live better in one year.”

When speaking about his role in the process Victor Yushchenko said he was the Head of State but not one of the negotiators.

“Forming a coalition is a national challenge but not a prerogative of few parties,” he opined.