The Batkivshchyna United Opposition demands from the PGO to institute proceedings against Party of Regions member Lutskyi as he recognized his  involvement in “battue” on agitation tents of opposition.
Representatives of the Batkivshchyna United Opposition submitted an application to the Prosecutor’s General Office of Ukraine with a demand to institute proceedings after statements of a candidate to lawmakers of Ukraine from the Party of Regions on the 222nd district of Kyiv Maksym Lutskyi on the air of TVi television channel.
The press service of the United Opposition disclosed to UNIAN that, on September 19 on the air of “Segodnya o glavnom” television program Maksym Lutskyi confirmed his involvement into “battues” on agitation tents of opposition in Solomenskyi district: “…May be I am not versed in judicial issues that is why I asked, personally I, I recognize it, I asked people who work in my headquarters to go to those tents, where the leaflets were given and to ask them to stop spreading it…”.
Opposition reminds that there was an attack on agitation tents of the Batkivshchyna United Opposition on September 18 in Solomenskyi district. The girl- agitator was beaten. The militia employees were called, they detained one of the assailants, he has a certificate of employee of Fund of M. Lutskyi.
At the same time assailants were swinging with copies of the decision of Solomenskyi District Court, which allegedly prohibits agitation by opposition. This contradicts to Constitution. The Opposition noted that in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine there are executive service and corresponding procedure for fulfilling the decisions of the courts. “This fact indicates that the courts in Ukraine is under control of power and openly cooperate with power candidates and people, who represent them”, - it is noted in the report.
In the evening of the same day an armed attack was committed on authorized representative of candidate to lawmakers Dmytro Andrievskyi – Maksym Skuro.
“All these circumstances force the United Opposition to react correspondingly.  Submission to the PGO and Interior Minister of Ukraine with a demand to carry out a corresponding investigation and institution of criminal proceedings against M. Lutskyi was sent by lawmaker of Ukraine Serhiy Pashynskyi”, - it is said in the report.