The Central Electoral Commission refused to extend range of people, who can be present in the premises, in which system administrator feeds the data on process and results of voting into “Elections” information system.
According to an UNIAN correspondent, today at sitting the CEC approved an order of transmission in the CEC information about process and results of voting on October 28 at elections of the lawmakers of Ukraine.
Deputy chairman of the CEC Andriy Magera said that an order consists of 4 sections, which defines a transmission procedure of data from divisional election commissions to district electoral commissions, and from district electoral commissions to the Central Electoral Commission.
‘Head of district electoral commission and head of divisional election commission are responsible for credibility of data”, - said A. Magera.
In order to ensure openness and transparency of the electoral process member of the CEC Ihor Zhidenko offered to extend a range of people, who have a right to be present during feeding of information into “Elections” system, to include in this list candidates to lawmakers, authorized representatives of parties to electoral process, and observers.
At the same time I. Zhidenko offered to print result and publicize it at information stand in the premises of the district election commission after feeding data into “Elections” system.
At the same time only 6 out of 15 CEC members supported this propositions. In particular, Mykhaylo Ohendovskyi believes that extending of a range of people, who have a right to be present in the premises of system administrator, disorganizes work and can distort data, which are fed into “Elections” system.
In this way, according to the decision of the CEC, only system administrator, head of the divisional election commissions, head of district electoral commissions can be present in the premises where data are fed into “Elections” system.
Divisional election commissions and district electoral commissions will transmit information about voting process to the Central Electoral Commission immediately after opening of the electoral districts.