Garbage police

16:52, 01 November 2012
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 Kyiv authorities initiated an increase in fines for violation of the rules of municipal improvement one year ago. It was proposed that the fines for such violations be set at more than UAH 300 for average citizens and UAH 1,700 for legal entities, KW wrote in an article this week.

“If you toss a piece of paper on the sidewalk you will have to pay a fine of UAH 340. If vendors do put a trash in front of their kiosk or do not have an agreement on garbage disposal, they will have to pay a fine of UAH 850-1,700,” said First Deputy Head of the Kyiv City State Administration Oleksandr Mazurchak.

Mazurchak assures that 6-10 inspectors will be sufficient to make order in every district of the city. To achieve the intended result he proposed renaming the Chief Municipal Improvement Administration into the Beautification Inspection. This was done within a matter of one month.

Seeing as employees at the Center for Animal Identification had more experience in such activity, it is quite possible that they will become the backbone of so-called “vigilante groups”. Last year after the city authorities passed the decree on new stricter rules for walking pets in the city (it was earlier prohibited to walk them near playgrounds and sports grounds without leashes, muzzles and registration tokens), animal inspectors began raids in districts of Kyiv twice a week.

Taking into account the appetite of Kyivzelenbud alone, one can imagine how much Kyivans will pay to feed the municipal police force. It can even be surmised that this idea is doomed to fail from the financial point of view. Indeed, a similar department created not so long ago in Uzhhorod brought only UAH 24,000 to the city’s coffers even though Uzhhorod residents assure that these vigilante groups collected much more, the article concludes.

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