An article in KW saw into the results of breast cancer awareness months in Ukraine which ended up this week.

Every hour breast cancer takes the life of one Ukrainian woman. Every year, over 8,000 women die from this disease, which is twice the figure in the U.S.

October 2012 in Ukraine, just as in many other countries is labeled the pink month, because this is the color that represents the fighting against breast cancer.

The Ukrainian version of Pink October is an initiative of AVON and the Women’s Health and Family Planning Foundation. Within the framework of the initiative, the film Five premiered in Ukraine with a cast of the top women in Hollywood, among them actresses Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore, singer Alicia Keys, documentary film director Penelope Spheeris and independent director Patty Jenkins. The documentary was especially created for those who are fighting the disease or have managed to overcome it.

Mammologist and General Director of the Women’s Health and Family Planning Foundation Halyna Maistruk said before the screening: “I started working on this program 11 years ago and at first I often had to face a lack of understanding. People were afraid to speak about this disease in public. Now they are not afraid, because the earlier the disease is diagnosed the better are the chances of full recovery.” One third of Ukrainians come to doctors when it is too late. The doctors keep repeating that if breast cancer is discovered at an early stage, the chances for full recovery are 95%.

In support of the good cause, the most well-known buildings around the world were lit with the color pink as part of the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This idea was supported by many cities from New York to Tokyo. The Empire State Building in New York, the Opera House in Paris and the statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro turned pink for one day. In London, Buckingham Palace, Nelson’s Column, the Tower of London and the British Television Tower were also lit up with pink lights.