President Victor Yushchenko on Tuesday met with Volodymyr Shapoval, chairman of the Central Election Commission, to speak about last month’s snap parliamentary election and its official results, according to the President`s press-office.

Yushchenko congratulated Shapoval on holding the September 30 poll in a democratic manner and in line with international standards, expressing confidence the vote will help resolve Ukraine’s long-lasting political crisis and pave the way for strategic changes and reforms.

The CEC chairman said the turnout had been quite high on September 30 and added that the country’s democratic forces had been winning a narrow victory over their opponents in the past several years. He said it was important to improve election laws and ballot procedures.

Viktor Baloha, head of the presidential office, and Maryna Stavniychuk, Yushchenko’s representative to the Central Election Commission and the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, were present at the meeting.