Dim contours of new Rada

11:39, 08 November 2012
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While the elections to the Verkhovna Rada reflected the systemic changes in Ukrainian society, Ivan Malyshko has reflected in his KW article on the tentative layout of the new national legislature, according to KW.

“What falsifications are we talking about when official data and exit polls figures coincide almost to a tee?” Premier Mykola Azarov asked U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John F. Tefft. Even though there are slight discrepancies with the exit polls, the results of the elections in terms of proportional representation more or less reflect the moods of society. After the CEC tallied 98.5% of the protocols it turned out that 49.7% of Ukrainians voted for 3 opposition parties – Batkivshchyna (25.4%), UDAR (13.9%) and Svoboda (10.4%), while 6.5% less Ukrainians voted for the ruling parties – the Party of Regions (30.1%) and the Communist Party (13.2%).

The article attempts to set the preliminary prognoses and see how the new layout in the Rada will work. Will the divided Regions be able to retain the legitimacy? Will the chief Communist Symonenko succeed in rejuvenation of his ranks and which portfolios could they count on? Will Klitschko’s UDAR learn to cooperate with the kernel opposition now lead by Yatsenyuk? And will the greatest surprise of the elections – Svoboda – concentrate on protection of national interest or get carried away by nationalist rhetoric?

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