The Kyivsky District Court of Kharkiv, despite the ruling of the Supreme Court of Ukraine, has refused to close the groundless case against Yulia Tymoshenko and moved the hearing to December 18 because of the absence of the ex-premier and her defender Eugenia Tymoshenko, according to the Official web site of Yulia Tymoshenko.

"The defense again asked that this political farce be stopped and that this fabricated criminal case be closed. The judge again ignored all the defense’s motions. The judge again read what was written for him before he came to the courtroom," said defense lawyer Serhiy Vlasenko.

He pointed out that the charges that the Kharkiv court is now trying to study that took place in 2001 when Yulia Tymoshenko headed the "Ukraine Without Kuchma" movement were already subject to a legal investigation. "The Prosecutor General’s Office already closed this case because there was no crime in Yulia Tymoshenko’s actions and the Supreme Court on November 11, 2005 upheld the legality of the decision to close the case," he stressed.

"There is no legal sense in continuing this farce. Therefore, we demanded an end to this farce and the closure of the criminal case. The judge didn’t respond," Serhiy Vlasenko said.