Former President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk thinks that it is impossible to create the “wide” coalition because, according to his view, there is no legislative base in the state for that.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, he said this today at the news conference in Kyiv.

According to his words of L. Kravchuk, if the “wide” coalition is created all three political forces will argue very fast because of great ambitions of its leaders. “As Pavlov said, I see by my dogs that this power will not hold out for a long time”, said L. Kravchuk.

The politician also noted that the notion “wide” coalition is not set in the legislation and, particularly, involving opposition into power. According to his view, if opposition representatives go to the executive power, it will not be the opposition any more.

Moreover, L. Kravchuk expressed the persuasion that the “orange” coalition “has a perspective to exist till the presidential election”, if President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko supports its activity.

At the same time the politician did not see the serious problem that the coalition has an advantage only in some votes of the parliamentary members.  According to his words, there are cases in the world, when the coalition had an advantage in one vote and was effective.

Answering the question of journalists, if it is possible that candidate of BYUT leader Yulia Tymoshenko will not be supported to the post of the prime minister and the coalition will not be created in the parliament, and the Government of Victor Yanukovych will fulfill its duties, L. Kravchuk answered that in this situation, those representatives of the BYUT and the Our Ukraine and People’s Self Defence Bloc, who will not vote for Yu. Tymoshenko have to abdicate deputy’s responsibility.

The politician underlined that before the election when the political forces signed the treaty, where it was said that the winner will nominate its candidate to the post of the prime minister, they had to ask to exclude their surnames from the electoral candidate lists. According to his words, no candidate did this, that is why it would be indecent for politicians not to vote for what was agreed before.