17 August 2017
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Lutsenko undergoes medical examination in Oblast hospital in Chernihiv – SPSU

Ex Interior Minister of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko, who serves his sentence in Menska penal colony № 91, is undergoing medical examination in oblast hospital in Chernihiv.

The Department of the State penitentiary service in the Oblast disclosed to UNIAN that Y. Lutsenko gave his consent to medical examination offered to him and he was hospitalized to Chernihiv Oblast hospital in the evening yesterday.

According to information of a source in Oblast hospital, the ex Interior Minister was hospitalized to gastroenterological department, however he stays in separate ward under guard at the first floor in urology department. Neither Oblast department of the State penitentiary service not Oblast hospital say about state of health of Y. Lutsenko and about planned medical examination.

It was not also specified how long Y. Lutsenko will stay in hospital.

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