16 August 2017
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President urges to create democratic coalition

President urges to create democratic coalition promptly

President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko urges to create the democratic coalition promptly.

According to an UNIAN correspondent, he said this to journalists in Baturyn city of the Chernihiv Oblast.

V. Yushchenko underlined the necessity to use the time promptly in order to create the democratic coalition.

According to his persuasion, there are not ideological disagreements between the BYUT and the Our Ukraine – People’s Self Defence Bloc.

He expressed his position again, that it is very important not to hurry up with transition for contract army.

The President thinks that the problem is not in ideology but the problem is that “all people today, who are in democratic coalition understand the weight of the responsibility concerning the internal consolidation, which has to be fulfilled”.

V. Yushchenko added that two years ago such consolidation was depraved, “where it was said a lot of irregular, lying and offensive words”.

“It is necessary to be courageous, it is necessary to start from personal discipline, how correctly to speak about those, who primarily is your ideological partner”, underlined the President.

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