Shkil thinks only “Martians” can prevent to create coalition

15:50, 30 October 2007
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Shkil thinks that only “Martians” can prevent to create democratic coalition

Candidate to parliament members Andriy Shkil (the BYUT) thinks that only “Martians” can prevent to create the democratic coalition.

He said this in the interview to “Stolichnye Novosti” newspaper from October 30, 2007.

“I do not see any reasons that it will be in other way. Of course, we can forecast the arrival of “Martians” to the Earth. But I am not Globa and I am not even the political scientist. I am politician. I can say with a confidence: there are no reasons under which the "orange" coalition can not take place. Some people forecast the betrayal, some anomalous events, but I do not believe in it”, said A. Shkil.

He underlined that all uncoordinated issues between the BYUT and the OU-PSD are solved.

Moreover, A. Shkil underlined that the BYUT calls upon to create the law on opposition, the draft of which is proposed by the bloc.

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