Authorities rushing to send Shcherban case to court

11:22, 22 January 2013
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Lawyer Serhiy Vlasenko says the authorities are trying to speed up the transfer to court of the latest fabricated criminal case against Yulia Tymoshenko in which she is accused of being involved in the 1996 murder of MP Yevhen Shcherban, according to an Official web site of Yulia Tymoshenko.

"We already went through this in the gas case, when we were given just nine days to review the entire case file. The same will happen here," Serhiy Vlasenko said.

The lawyer said he plans to visit Yulia Tymoshenko in the hospital tomorrow. "I will try to meet with Yulia Tymoshenko and finally get this document [notice of suspicion] because the defense team can’t get it without seeing Yulia Tymoshenko and today they didn’t let Eugenia Tymoshenko visit her," he said.

Serhiy Vlasenko believes this is the start of the government’s propaganda campaign to convince the international community that their actions are legal. "They took this video to show…They understand that this is a politically motivated case and they need to inform diplomats," the lawyer said, commenting on a video released by the penitentiary service in which Yulia Tymoshenko allegedly signs the notice.

"The prosecutor general’s office and penitentiary service release video selectively. I would ask these guys, and I will get written permission from Yulia Tymoshenko, to release the video they took that same day [January 18]. This video was taken at 4:30 pm (and by the way, it’s not clear how) and shows Yulia Tymoshenko sitting. I would ask that they release the video they took from 12:00 to 12:30 when I entered the premises and found Yulia Tymoshenko deathly pale and unresponsive," Serhiy Vlasenko said.

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