My biggest impression - the diversity of this nation

14:58, 01 February 2013
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“Ukrainians are very optimistic people, open to challenges, sharp, and certainly dynamic. In fact I consider Ukraine a very dynamic country overall, with a lot of potential,” said Roy Nygaard, Business Development Manager for Opel in Ukraine in an interview to KW.

“Before arriving to Ukraine - I really had no specific predispositions about the country as a whole. Of course I had knowledge of the region, of which I learned from old soviet newspapers and propaganda, and the fact that I’m a big World War II buff- but what I knew didn’t make me think of Ukraine in any terrible way,” the American says.

When asked about his plans, Mr Nygaard said he wished business to run a lot smoother, “Sometimes work can be stressful, of course this only benefits me in that I stay sharp, but I think all businesses in Ukraine would benefit if the system ran a little bit more smoothly. I’d also love to manage additional countries, requiring I travel to new places.”

Nygaard  says he is amazed with a Ukrainian’s natural connectedness to nature, “I look at the wide open expanses with amazement and awe and even a little foreboding, with its villages, way of life and wide open spaces, whilst a Ukrainian looks at them with comfort- they wouldn’t have life any other way.”

“As crazy as it may sound, I know better of what makes a Ukrainian tick than I do of what makes an American tick,” KW interviewee concluded.

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